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With graduation fast approaching (for most of us :P), I've been thinking seriously about graduation presents. There has been some talk about taking the Grand Tour, but France and Italy bore me. I'm just not interested in going again. Mum doesn't get it - she thinks it's really important that I get as much exposure to Europe as possible.

I suggested a gap year in South America, and mum was mortified, but that is a whole other story which I may go in to later. Let's just say the last time South America came up in conversation there was a spat right in the middle of Country Road. I don't think anyone noticed because everyone was so busy fighting through the Walford girls to get to the beach towels, marked down by 20%. But anyway...

Then I thought I might just ask for a watch. My Scotch watch is ok, but a bit daggy. I was looking at the Patek Philippe site and have short listed my favourites (as an aside, does anyone outside of north shore Sydney actually own a Nautillus?). I called The Hour Glass in Melbourne today and got some prices:

- Calatrava 3520 D G - $25,000 (Settle down! I know it's meant to be a graduation present, but I can take the rest in cash or something).

- Mens Complicated 5070 - $58,300

- Mens Complicated 5071 - $284,800

I've left a note by the phone out by the pool where mum takes her morning gin fizz, so we'll see what happens.
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