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living on the edge in the inner suburbs

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It’s been ever so long since this community was updated which is such a shame. But I’ve been a bit disconnected lately because my notebook, my laptop, my second and third phones AND my PC were all stolen from my apartment in Parkside and Dad insisted I wait for the insurance claim to come through. Like he couldn’t have just bought me replacement stuff straight away, but he has been a bit distracted since I’ve returned to Adelaide. He keeps muttering things about the global financial crisis. Seriously? I mean, I know things were a little rocky there for a while and we had to sell the apartment block in Marina Quay but honestly, it’s not like we’ve been that affected. They were even talking about letting Cynthia go at one stage, honestly! Who would do all the cleaning?

Anyway, meanwhile, I’ve FINALLY got my pink Blackberry Pearl set up to auto-sync so I can update from my phone. Well, I didn’t, it was the man at the shop after several irate minutes at the customer service desk. Seriously, so what if I didn’t buy it from there, they know what to do, right? And they were the closest! It’s so hard to get good customer service here, not like Europe where everyone just loves you.

I guess the reason I’ve been neglecting LJ is that it’s all about Facebook and Twitter now. Seriously, being able to update everyone on what you’re doing and where you are is just fantastic. And people show how much they care by clicking “Like” or even making a comment. I have like over 500 friends on Facebook. And, you know, some of them are from public schools so I’m really getting out there these days. Mum and Dad are slightly concerned about me running with a “wild” crowd but they don’t have to worry. Sometimes I tease them by saying “I’m off to Harbour Town!” or “I’m not hungry, I ate in the food court”. So funny. Oh, and I have loads of photos on Facebook too. Tiffany tagged a frightful one of me the other day, pretending to hold a Harris Scarfe shopping bag that Cynthia had brought home. So embarrassing!

What else can I tell you. Oh my god, such a scandal. I met Nicholas Telford-Bonython in town the other day. I was in David Jones looking for a cheap pair of yoga pants for lounging around the apartment. He has changed SO MUCH. He wears all black and he’s dyed his hair black to match. He even had a nose ring! I nearly didn't recognise him without his pink Lacoste polo shirt and popped collar. So we chatted for a while and he told me he was about to meet his dad for lunch and would I like to come along to watch the excitement? Well, I didn’t know what he meant by that so I said, sure. They were going to Auge and I’ve been dying to try their spatchcock with sugar snap rocket tortellini. His dad was there when he got there and when we got to the table he kind of rolled his eyes and said something about Nicholas still not growing out of his phase and was it really appropriate dress for lunch at Auge? Anyway, I had squid ink pasta for entrée, which was delicious, and then when we moved on to main course, I excused myself to go and re-apply my limited edition Kiehl’s lip gloss for a moment. When I got back, Nicholas was shouting at his dad because he’d ordered the roasted pigeon filled with duck farce, caramelised witlof tart, apple balsamic and foie gras. I didn’t see the issue because seriously, pigeons are gross, but apparently it was the foie gras that was the problem. His dad told him he was making a scene and to calm down. Nicholas said “I’m not going to calm down and you’re not my real dad!” and walked out!!

Well, it was slightly awkward after that but I managed to enjoy my spatchcock and vanilla bean gelato with toffee brioche and balsamic strawberries for sweets. Then Mr Telford-Bonython gave me a lift home in his new DB-9, telling me he hoped that I could stay friends with Nicholas and hopefully influence him as he goes through this difficult stage. I said I would be happy too. I mean, I know all about doing it hard. There was this one time earlier in the year where my black Amex got refused because Dad's accountant hadn't paid the bill and I thought I was going to DIE.

That’s all the news I have for now. Hope to hear from you all soon!!

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Hey LJ! It's been such a long time! I've been totally busy with my gap year. It was so cool. Dad arranged for me to stay in this really nice place in London with a family he knows. The house was beautiful but the family seemed to think I was there as a built-in babysitter - as if! They were pretty annoyed when I would come and go as I liked and always wanted me to take their little twin boys with them. They must have liked me though because they gave me a nickname, "Oh Pear". I don't know why, because I'm not pear-shaped!! Haha. Maybe they just really liked pears.

Anyway, I met some really nice people in London; Muffy, Rupe, Raife, Poppy, Wills, Kate and Harry. They took me to all the best clubs, restaurants and things. And the shopping is fabulous! Luckily Dad set me up with my own black Amex before I went over. I just flashed it all over the place and it made things happen! Which is good because dealing with pounds and things totally goes over my head. I know it's like 2 pounds = 1 Australian dollar or something, so really, I am saving money.

At the moment, I'm in Nice on holiday with Muffy and her boyfriend Tarquin. They want to set me up with Tarquin's French cousin, Olivier but he is like soooo old! At least 27! So I don't know if I'm really up for that. We thought we would backpack for a laugh, but I didn't have one so I brought my Louis Vuitton overnight bag instead. We're roughing it at the L'Hotel Massena (only 3 stars) and the rest of our luggage should arrive tomorrow. We slummed it upright on the Eurostar to see how the other half do it . . . NEVER AGAIN! Anyone can sit in your compartment with you. As if.

Anyway, this community has been really quiet so I think it's time to revive it so we can keep track of how us Scotchies get on through life now that we've graduated. Well, SOME OF US did!! *smirk*

Au revoir!
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How were everyone's holidays?

Mine were pretty boring, we stayed home except for a quick visit to the Gold Coast which *so* doesn't count as it was only a week and we only stayed in a four and a half star place. Tchah.

You know that really hot day we had? I had the sprinkler on the back lawn going full blast and was lying under it - it was so nice. I think it will be good for the lawn too because I had it on for ages! Well, Mum is always at me to try gardening. I would have swum in the pool but it had been cleaned and it hadn't been refilled yet. Something about getting a permit from the council - since when?? But Dad said he'd sort it out.

So I came inside, had a nice long shower and then I went into the kitchen afterwards and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl. I took a bite and then I didn't feel like eating it anymore so I was going to throw it in the bin. Well, Cynthia just freaked out and grabbed it from me and said she'd eat it if I didn't want it (she's not allowed to eat our food unless it's like, leftovers or whatever). I'm like "Whatever!" and she mentioned something about a banana shortage which is rubbish because there are always bananas in our fruit bowl and sometimes we don't even eat them and then they go brown and get thrown out. I swear, I don't understand her sometimes. I mean, I know she's only a maid and all, but scabbing a banana???
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I so can't wait for this weekend! Mum is taking me shopping for my formal dress! Yes, I know I've left it a bit late but as it happens, I had my dress all picked out (a latte-coloured full-length beaded metallic sheath by Collette Dinnigan) but then I was flicking through the cleaner's copy of NW the other day and I saw that Jennifer Love Hewitt wore the same one to this year's Emmys!! GAH!!

So now I have to look for something else. Obviously, we're going to Sydney to find it - you won't find anything past Spring 2004 in Adelaide. And vintage is *so* last year.

I've got my eye on a Badgley Mischka beaded amethyst chantilly lace fishtail gown and if Mum lets me borrow her 19th century antique diamond necklace, it just might work. Of course, we'll be able to get decent shoes in Sydney as well unlike here.

Speaking of the jewellery though, I did overhear Mum on the phone discussing graduation presents with Emily-Grace's mum . . . maybe I won't need to borrow her necklace after all because I'll have one of my own! As long as she doesn't get it from Shiels though. Those Bensimon kids would recognise it and I'd be a laughing stock. Yes, I know it's very unlikely Mum would even look in Shiels but there has been some cost-cutting around my place of late (eg: this year's budget shoestring ski trip I posted about a while back).

So what is everyone else wearing?
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Well to celebrate (nearly) the end of the term my mates and I all went to lunch at the Old Lion and sat in the courtyard even though it was a windy day and looking like rain.
Henry’s a bit of a scallywag and ordered a beer but the rest of us settled for soda lime and bitters. There was a whole table of Wilde girls (beasts LOL) out the front; some of them in trackpants no less… though they were still wearing ribbons on their ponytails so not the end of the world I suppose…
Anyway we all talked about what we’ll be up to over the school hols and Penny definitely won out this term – she’s off to Barbados with her mother and her mother’s tennis coach for some intensive training… her dad can’t make it as he is too busy at work apparently.
Mum said I could go and stay with Sophie at her parents’ farm in Strathalbyn for a few days which I might end up doing since her cousins will be there too and one of them is actually quite cute. I don’t know how much we’ll have in common since he boards at Immanuel but you never know I suppose. If I have my way we won’t be doing too much talking anyway. Hahaha. Sophie thinks I am incorrigible. She is probably right. But only the night guard saw Miles leaving through my window last week and after I gave him some ‘encouragement’ I don’t think he’ll be mentioning it…
Ta ta for now!!
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With graduation fast approaching (for most of us :P), I've been thinking seriously about graduation presents. There has been some talk about taking the Grand Tour, but France and Italy bore me. I'm just not interested in going again. Mum doesn't get it - she thinks it's really important that I get as much exposure to Europe as possible.

I suggested a gap year in South America, and mum was mortified, but that is a whole other story which I may go in to later. Let's just say the last time South America came up in conversation there was a spat right in the middle of Country Road. I don't think anyone noticed because everyone was so busy fighting through the Walford girls to get to the beach towels, marked down by 20%. But anyway...

Then I thought I might just ask for a watch. My Scotch watch is ok, but a bit daggy. I was looking at the Patek Philippe site and have short listed my favourites (as an aside, does anyone outside of north shore Sydney actually own a Nautillus?). I called The Hour Glass in Melbourne today and got some prices:

- Calatrava 3520 D G - $25,000 (Settle down! I know it's meant to be a graduation present, but I can take the rest in cash or something).

- Mens Complicated 5070 - $58,300

- Mens Complicated 5071 - $284,800

I've left a note by the phone out by the pool where mum takes her morning gin fizz, so we'll see what happens.
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I was just browsing Dad's Old Collegians newsletter and saw this article on an Old Scholar that really inspired me:

Current Residence: Honiara, Solomon Islands

Current Occupation: Diplomat / Public Servant (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

Position: Deputy High Commissioner, Australian High Commission, Honiara, Solomon Islands

How has Scotch influenced you? Scotch gave me a strong sense of confidence in myself and a firm appreciation of the variety of possibilities in life. Scotch taught me that you don’t have to define yourself too narrowly or limit your interests and experiences - you can’t do everything at once, but you can do almost everything.

What are your fondest memories of your time at Scotch? Long sunny afternoon drama lessons reading plays on the lawn under the trees near the amphitheatre; hanging-out in the theatre at lunch-time; late night play rehearsals in the amphitheatre and the smell of Shakespearean flares; the sound of the megaphone drifting across the oval on sports day and the smell of grass and dirt from the running track; being the first to break the water of the freezing pool early at early morning swimming training; sailing up the Coorong; the feeling of the end of term and the possibility of a fresh start.

Who did you think was most likely to succeed? I think I assumed we all would.

What’s the worst thing you got away with as Co-Captain? Absolutely nothing. Being so completely square at school is one of my biggest regrets. The only vaguely bad thing I did was to be too loud in the dorm after lights out at Year 12 leadership camp, and I certainly didn’t get away with that I can still remember the brutal ticking off I got from Diana Hill. I was mortified.

Have you continued any involvement with the school eg. Reunions, Annual Dinners, Past or Current Parent, Community Dinners, Interest Groups? Very little, sadly. I like reading Scotch Reports, was part of several Scotch Players tours of Under Milk Wood, and went to one Old Collegians Dinner in Adelaide years ago, but unfortunately there haven’t been any reunions in Vietnam or Solomon Islands where I’ve been for the last seven years. (Although about three months ago I did see an old Scotch rugby top being worn by a Solomon Islander, which must have come out of one of the barrels of second hand clothing that make their way here. It made me feel very nostalgic.)
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1. FIRST NAME? Allegra
2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? No, but as I think I've told you, there is a hotel named after me!
3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Last week in David Jones when they didn't have the Tsubi jeans in that I wanted.
4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR OWN HANDWRITING? As long as I am writing with my Mont Blanc pen
6. KIDS? My little puppy Chi-Chi!
7. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Of course! Who wouldn't want to be friends with me!
9. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? As if!! Ha ha!!
10. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? No, all my non-essential organs were removed as a child so I wouldn't miss valuable school/work time later in life.
12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE CEREAL? Well, I used to get Cheerios imported from the USA but now you can get them off the shelves here, I'll have to find a new favourite.
13. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? No, that's what Cynthia is for.
14. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? My naturopath says I am.
15. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE ICE CREAM FLAVOUR? Ben & Jerry's. You can't get it here.
16. SHOE SIZE? expensive! ha ha! No really, 8.
17. RED OR PINK? Pink is so out. Red is so in.
19. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? Marissa on the OC
21. WHAT COLOUR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Dark denim skinny leg Tsubi jeans (Mum got them sent over from Sydney) and white Chloe platform sandals.
22. LAST THING YOU ATE? A Lindt chocolate.
23. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? James Blunt- Back to Bedlam. His voice is so pure and haunting, I find whenever it comes on the radio, I always stop whatever I'm doing just to listen.
25. FAVOURITE SMELL? L'eau de Issey
29. FAVOURITE DRINK? Grande Caramel Frappacinos
30. FAVOURITE SPORT? Shopping! Ha ha!
31. EYE COLOUR? Dark blue (what better colour to have?)
32. HAT SIZE? 7
33. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? I want to get those coloured ones but I'm not allowed.
34. FAVOURITE FOOD? I'm crazy about the Tom Yum from the Track restaurant at the moment.
35. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? Happy endings of course!
36. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED AT THE CINEMA? Who goes to the cinema? I watched 2:37 in our home theatre last night. Well, I got about half an hour in, decided it wasn't relevant and switched it off.
38. SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer! So we can use the outdoor pool, not the indoor one. Yes, I know they're both heated!!
39. HUGS OR KISSES? Hugs, especially from my Dad
40. FAVOURITE DESSERT? Belgian chocolate souffle with handmade pistachio icecream
42. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? No, everyone has to!
43. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? I'm not sure, I'll have to check with the girl who does my English work.
44. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? I don't have a mousepad, I have an opitical wireless mouse.
45. WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV? Re-runs of the OC on Foxtel
46. FAVOURITE SOUNDS? My mobile ringing!
47. THE FURTHEST YOU HAVE BEEN FROM HOME? Gosh, I'll have to check the map to see what's further away but I'm pretty sure Anchorage. Either that or Switzerland?
49. WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? Putting an outfit together, I help all my friends.
50. BIG NEWS IN YOUR HOME Well, Dad's over in Singapore at the moment and he's said I can go over for a few days if I want - of course I do! And of course, we've got the formal to look forward to, I can't wait!!

Now all you guys post this survey!!
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Dad took me to the football this weekend. I like going to the football with him. He says it puts us in touch with the common people. Sometimes we barrack for the Crows and sometimes for Port, depending on the clients Dad brings along and who they go for. This weekend we were going for the Crows. Mum said I should show my support and dress in the club colours so she helped me pick out some dark blue Sass & Bide skinny leg jeans with a red One Teaspoon tunic top and gold wrap-around belt with matching ballet flats.

It's so fun being at the game, right amongst the action. We sit in the best corporate box that has massive windows so it's like you're watching it on the biggest TV ever. And people bring you samosas and sushi and sometimes Dad lets me have a champagne. Once, when we won a really close game, he got so excited, he hugged me!

So anyway, the Crows lost. Dad seemed shattered until we said goodbye to his clients. He perked up as soon as Derek picked us up in the VIP carparking area and on the way home, we swung past his office because he said he had left some bottles of wine there and we needed to grab them. He bought me a Grande Caramel Frappacino and then dropped me home and told me to tell Mum he had some client business that needed taking care of. She didn't seem fazed as Raoul was there teaching her bridge anyway.

Anyway, school night! See you all tomorrow!
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Everyone says nasty things about Paris Hilton but I can really identify with her.

It's so hard when you're wealthy AND good-looking. Everyone is jealous and says things like you're spoiled or dumb or vain just because you buy expensive stuff on your mum's platinum AMEX. I mean, it's not like I only buy things for myself. Sometimes I buy my little puppy Chi-Chi a new diamante collar or a coat from Dogue. And every year, I buy Tiffany and Emily-Grace a little something from wherever we go on holidays. Last year, when we went to New York, I got Tiffany a necklace from Tiffany's! Because it had her name on it, get it?

Paris Hilton's dad owns lots of hotels. My dad also does - well, he's in a partnership anyway. I'm lucky I wasn't called Arkaba or Highlander! Still, Dad made sure I got my name on one of his newer hotels . . . That's why Adelaide has the Rendezvous-Allegra. Paris Hilton is named after a hotel, but the Rendezvous-Allegra is named after me!

We don't get papparazzi following us to the shops but sometimes Mum and Dad are in Adelaide Confidential . . . And I've been on the Sunday Mail Snapparazi pages a few times, attending some of my schoolmates' Sweet 16 parties. I guess I just have to deal with life in the public eye but sometimes it really is tiresome.

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Whom the fuck do they think they are, telling me I'm not head prefect material?
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There was a really rude lady on the bus this morning. We got on and sat in the group of seats at the front, you know, the ones that face each other. I really really really had to talk to Tiffany and Emily-Grace privately so we put our bags on the other seat so no-one could listen in on our conversation because the bus was pretty crowded. Then, this lady gets on and wants us to move our bags off the seat! So rude. We were going to put them in the aisle and she made us pick them up because she couldn't get her walking frame in. I mean, seriously, don't they have special buses for the disabled? Why should we have to move? It's our fathers whose taxes pay for her pension anyway. Not that I go on the bus much but Mum was having one of her headaches this morning and the maid was out sourcing truffles and witlof from the market. Dad's still in Hong Kong but he has lent his Audi to his secretary so she can do his errands while he's away. She must be buying presents for me on his behalf because I saw the car parked on Unley Road out the front of Francesca Boutique. I knew it was his because of the numberplate: W1NN3R.
When he calls from Hong Kong I'm going to ask if she has finished buying all our presents and if I can take it to school so I don't have to put up with rude old ladies on the bus any more.
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Well I thought I’d finally let you all know about my school hols as you all seemed to have such a ball. Like you other lucky sods Mother said we were going skiing this year, but Daddy had some urgent work at the office (trying to get some poor unfortunate off the hook for drug offences apparently) and so he decided we’d go to St.Moritz at Christmas instead. I said we could go without him but he said he hasn’t seen enough of us lately what with Timothy at boarding school and my younger sister Helen in Sydney with her ballet studies.
So in the end Penelope my chestnut mare kept me company for two weeks. Since I was feeling rather put upon with the change of holiday plans I bunked down at the riding school in Stirling most of the time. Some of the local chaps stayed as well which was very inconvenient but I managed to avoid them for most of the two weeks.
In the second week I ventured down to Burnside a couple of times. Mother used Daddy’s gold Amex to buy up a frenzy for us as compensation for the missed skiing trip. They didn’t have the new Hermes Birkin bag in red so I had to get beige instead. How infuriating. The shop girl said it would be at least 4 weeks for the red and I wasn’t prepared to wait.
Well I’m finished now. School’s back and Miss Winterbottom says it’s time to put the laptops away. Ta ta for now!
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This year, Mum and Dad decided to "cut back a little" on our skiing holiday. I think it's got something to do with Dad's position at work, but seriously, who cares. The point is, we normally go to Colarado or Aspen or somewhere decent. This year we didn't even get to leave the country and had to go to scabby budget Mount Hotham. I was so embarrassed. I told everyone we were going to Canada and even changed my email address to be on Canadian time so when I sent my updates and updated my LJ it would look like we were out of the country.

Anyway, we got there to our horrible pokey little 4 bedroom chalet (LUXURY??? Hello? Only one and a half bathrooms and only one spa??) and I decided I might as well make the most of networking in the communal lodge, hoping there would be some sort of members-only lounge I could meet young eligibles in. Hopefully with cars. I've got my licence but Mum and Dad refuse to buy me a BMW Z3i and say I can have a Hyundai Getz or nothing so I've chosen nothing in protest. They'll learn.

Anyway, you can imagine my disgust and horror when I walked into the frankly hideous lodge to see Emma Jones in there, playing with some little kids. I left before she saw me, of course. Emma Jones, of all people! What was she doing there? She shouldn't even be at Scotch by rights, she's on a scholarship. And there she was at Mouth Hotham! I suppose it was all her parents could afford. Her Dad is a dentist - isn't that gross??

So I spent most of my ski holiday holed up in our budget chalet in case I ran into her. On the last day, Mum refused to bring me another of the deluxe chocolate delight mudslides they had in the cafe so I had to go and get it myself. That's the last time I EVER do anything for myself, because who did I run straight into? Emma. She says "Oh, hi Allegra! I thought you were in Canada?" really smarmily and I told her we had been there already but Mum and Dad wanted to support the Australian economy as well so that's why we were doing our bit for the little ski resorts by being here. Then she proceeds to tell me she's met this rich English family and will be spending her gap year in London being a nanny to their children and being able to drive their Mercedes on her days off! It's so unfair! Everyone knows I'm supposed to be going to London for my gap year and now I can't because Emma Jones is going.

To make matters worse, Mum confiscated my PDA on the way home so I couldn't even comment on my friends list and confirm my story about coming back from Canada early.

Life is so unfair.
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I really poured my heart out in that last piece. Your silence stings.
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"Boarders Beach Party" by Charles Nicholas Telford Bonython.

Summer was here. I searched my dorm for the Gucci sun glasses I'd packed only the evening before after Rev Dr Gilliland's end of year sermon. You see, we boarders were heading home for summer. My roomies, Arthur and William Barr-Smith, had already left for the country, but I had time to kill, as I was meeting Mum and Emily in Phuket for Christmas.

I was quite excited, as I hadn't seen Emily since the Christmas before. She was boarding at Seymour even though Scotch was co-ed, because Father believed Scotch had started a boys school, and should have remained a boys school, like when he was here. Mum I hadn't seen since August, when I'd had a dreadful cold and she'd had to cut short her "me time" at the Versace resort and bring me down a Harrods hamper. And Father, well, he wasn't expected in Phuket. Some Mexicans had been complaining about pay rates and Father had had to stay in America to try to explain to them that unskilled labour always out-supplied demand. Still, I was looking forward to getting to Phuket. It's lovely this time of year.

Having found my sunnies I checked that my things were packed. While waiting for the taxi there was a knock at my door. I was immediately irked. That blasted housekeeper couldn't wait to get in and look through our things for loose change, like last year. If it had been anything over $50 I would have complained. Anyway, I answered the door to see Arthur and William standing in the hallway.

"Surprise!", they shouted.

"What's going on, chums?" I asked, bewildered.

"We're going with you to Phuket!", William exclaimed.

"I thought you were off home for Christmas!?"

"Well we were", said Arthur, "but you see Mum and Dad have been called back to Edinburgh. Something about clearing out an estate. Family, you know. Mum says it's very important to live up to your familial obligations, and anyway, she remembered Great Aunt Esther having some important examples of late 16th century French ormolu clockwork, so she was naturally eager to get back to Scotland as quickly as possible".

"So we asked if we might join the Bonythons over Christmas", said William. "And since Mum has an eye on Emily for me, you know, for after Uni, when it's time to settle down, she agreed, and arranged things with your parents, and so here we are".

"This is going to be the best summer ever", I cried, as we turned up the collars on our pink Lacoste polo shirts and headed out to the hockey grounds to wait for the taxi.

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So we were in Home Ec today and the teacher was trying to tell us how we could live on a budget and we all laughed because our trust fund kicks in at 18 and then she was talking about having to pay rent on her one-bedroom flat in Payneham and we all laughed again because our parents have already bought our houses for when we move out. Then prefectboi89 and scotchegg offered her $50 to let us all out for morning outs an hour early so she did.
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"The Scariest Day Of My Life" by Allegra Mason-Anderson

It was time for our trip to the Barossa to restock Dad's wine cellar. I thought we had only gone two weeks ago but we couldn't have because the cellar was empty again. Mum wanted to take the Saab but we ended up going in the Range Rover because Dad said we were "going bush". When we got to the winery, he enabled the four-wheel drive and we parked on the nature strip.

On the way home, Dad asked if I wanted to drive but I think he was joking. Mum fell asleep as she normally does. We were driving through a place called Salisbury when one of our tyres blew out. Dad called the RAA and while we were waiting, Mum took me over to the little shopping centre. I was scared and didn't want to go, but she said it would be fun to see "how the other half lived." It was like going back in time. All the cars were old, at least 90s models. And I saw a real live Indigenous. I didn't think they existed except in fairy tales.

We looked around the shops but couldn't find a David Jones or a Crabtree & Evelyn so Mum was angry and said we were in the Outback and it was all Dad’s fault. On the way back to the car, I saw people wearing clothes with no brand-names and funny slippers on their feet. Some people looked like they had never even heard of Toni & Guy. It was really scary. I thought we were going to be rolled for my Manalo Blahniks imported from America and Mum was holding onto her $400 Oroton handbag for dear life. When we got back to the car, the RAA had changed the tyre and Dad was asleep in the front seat. Mum drove us back to civilisation and our cook made us dinner. I went to bed and watched Foxtel on my 2 metre plasma screen until I fell asleep.

* * *
* * *