ice ice baby (bethamphetam1ne) wrote in scotchcollege,
ice ice baby

life is so unfair

This year, Mum and Dad decided to "cut back a little" on our skiing holiday. I think it's got something to do with Dad's position at work, but seriously, who cares. The point is, we normally go to Colarado or Aspen or somewhere decent. This year we didn't even get to leave the country and had to go to scabby budget Mount Hotham. I was so embarrassed. I told everyone we were going to Canada and even changed my email address to be on Canadian time so when I sent my updates and updated my LJ it would look like we were out of the country.

Anyway, we got there to our horrible pokey little 4 bedroom chalet (LUXURY??? Hello? Only one and a half bathrooms and only one spa??) and I decided I might as well make the most of networking in the communal lodge, hoping there would be some sort of members-only lounge I could meet young eligibles in. Hopefully with cars. I've got my licence but Mum and Dad refuse to buy me a BMW Z3i and say I can have a Hyundai Getz or nothing so I've chosen nothing in protest. They'll learn.

Anyway, you can imagine my disgust and horror when I walked into the frankly hideous lodge to see Emma Jones in there, playing with some little kids. I left before she saw me, of course. Emma Jones, of all people! What was she doing there? She shouldn't even be at Scotch by rights, she's on a scholarship. And there she was at Mouth Hotham! I suppose it was all her parents could afford. Her Dad is a dentist - isn't that gross??

So I spent most of my ski holiday holed up in our budget chalet in case I ran into her. On the last day, Mum refused to bring me another of the deluxe chocolate delight mudslides they had in the cafe so I had to go and get it myself. That's the last time I EVER do anything for myself, because who did I run straight into? Emma. She says "Oh, hi Allegra! I thought you were in Canada?" really smarmily and I told her we had been there already but Mum and Dad wanted to support the Australian economy as well so that's why we were doing our bit for the little ski resorts by being here. Then she proceeds to tell me she's met this rich English family and will be spending her gap year in London being a nanny to their children and being able to drive their Mercedes on her days off! It's so unfair! Everyone knows I'm supposed to be going to London for my gap year and now I can't because Emma Jones is going.

To make matters worse, Mum confiscated my PDA on the way home so I couldn't even comment on my friends list and confirm my story about coming back from Canada early.

Life is so unfair.
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