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Well I thought I’d finally let you all know about my school hols as…

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Well I thought I’d finally let you all know about my school hols as you all seemed to have such a ball. Like you other lucky sods Mother said we were going skiing this year, but Daddy had some urgent work at the office (trying to get some poor unfortunate off the hook for drug offences apparently) and so he decided we’d go to St.Moritz at Christmas instead. I said we could go without him but he said he hasn’t seen enough of us lately what with Timothy at boarding school and my younger sister Helen in Sydney with her ballet studies.
So in the end Penelope my chestnut mare kept me company for two weeks. Since I was feeling rather put upon with the change of holiday plans I bunked down at the riding school in Stirling most of the time. Some of the local chaps stayed as well which was very inconvenient but I managed to avoid them for most of the two weeks.
In the second week I ventured down to Burnside a couple of times. Mother used Daddy’s gold Amex to buy up a frenzy for us as compensation for the missed skiing trip. They didn’t have the new Hermes Birkin bag in red so I had to get beige instead. How infuriating. The shop girl said it would be at least 4 weeks for the red and I wasn’t prepared to wait.
Well I’m finished now. School’s back and Miss Winterbottom says it’s time to put the laptops away. Ta ta for now!
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On August 7th, 2006 06:49 am (UTC), bethamphetam1ne commented:
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who had to miss out on the ski trip this year. What is with our parents lately?? It's not fair!

Mum wouldn't buy me the Hermes bag since I just got a Fendi Spy bag for my birthday. Cow.
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