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poor paris . . .

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Everyone says nasty things about Paris Hilton but I can really identify with her.

It's so hard when you're wealthy AND good-looking. Everyone is jealous and says things like you're spoiled or dumb or vain just because you buy expensive stuff on your mum's platinum AMEX. I mean, it's not like I only buy things for myself. Sometimes I buy my little puppy Chi-Chi a new diamante collar or a coat from Dogue. And every year, I buy Tiffany and Emily-Grace a little something from wherever we go on holidays. Last year, when we went to New York, I got Tiffany a necklace from Tiffany's! Because it had her name on it, get it?

Paris Hilton's dad owns lots of hotels. My dad also does - well, he's in a partnership anyway. I'm lucky I wasn't called Arkaba or Highlander! Still, Dad made sure I got my name on one of his newer hotels . . . That's why Adelaide has the Rendezvous-Allegra. Paris Hilton is named after a hotel, but the Rendezvous-Allegra is named after me!

We don't get papparazzi following us to the shops but sometimes Mum and Dad are in Adelaide Confidential . . . And I've been on the Sunday Mail Snapparazi pages a few times, attending some of my schoolmates' Sweet 16 parties. I guess I just have to deal with life in the public eye but sometimes it really is tiresome.

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