ice ice baby (bethamphetam1ne) wrote in scotchcollege,
ice ice baby


Dad took me to the football this weekend. I like going to the football with him. He says it puts us in touch with the common people. Sometimes we barrack for the Crows and sometimes for Port, depending on the clients Dad brings along and who they go for. This weekend we were going for the Crows. Mum said I should show my support and dress in the club colours so she helped me pick out some dark blue Sass & Bide skinny leg jeans with a red One Teaspoon tunic top and gold wrap-around belt with matching ballet flats.

It's so fun being at the game, right amongst the action. We sit in the best corporate box that has massive windows so it's like you're watching it on the biggest TV ever. And people bring you samosas and sushi and sometimes Dad lets me have a champagne. Once, when we won a really close game, he got so excited, he hugged me!

So anyway, the Crows lost. Dad seemed shattered until we said goodbye to his clients. He perked up as soon as Derek picked us up in the VIP carparking area and on the way home, we swung past his office because he said he had left some bottles of wine there and we needed to grab them. He bought me a Grande Caramel Frappacino and then dropped me home and told me to tell Mum he had some client business that needed taking care of. She didn't seem fazed as Raoul was there teaching her bridge anyway.

Anyway, school night! See you all tomorrow!
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