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I was just browsing Dad's Old Collegians newsletter and saw this…

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I was just browsing Dad's Old Collegians newsletter and saw this article on an Old Scholar that really inspired me:

Current Residence: Honiara, Solomon Islands

Current Occupation: Diplomat / Public Servant (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

Position: Deputy High Commissioner, Australian High Commission, Honiara, Solomon Islands

How has Scotch influenced you? Scotch gave me a strong sense of confidence in myself and a firm appreciation of the variety of possibilities in life. Scotch taught me that you don’t have to define yourself too narrowly or limit your interests and experiences - you can’t do everything at once, but you can do almost everything.

What are your fondest memories of your time at Scotch? Long sunny afternoon drama lessons reading plays on the lawn under the trees near the amphitheatre; hanging-out in the theatre at lunch-time; late night play rehearsals in the amphitheatre and the smell of Shakespearean flares; the sound of the megaphone drifting across the oval on sports day and the smell of grass and dirt from the running track; being the first to break the water of the freezing pool early at early morning swimming training; sailing up the Coorong; the feeling of the end of term and the possibility of a fresh start.

Who did you think was most likely to succeed? I think I assumed we all would.

What’s the worst thing you got away with as Co-Captain? Absolutely nothing. Being so completely square at school is one of my biggest regrets. The only vaguely bad thing I did was to be too loud in the dorm after lights out at Year 12 leadership camp, and I certainly didn’t get away with that I can still remember the brutal ticking off I got from Diana Hill. I was mortified.

Have you continued any involvement with the school eg. Reunions, Annual Dinners, Past or Current Parent, Community Dinners, Interest Groups? Very little, sadly. I like reading Scotch Reports, was part of several Scotch Players tours of Under Milk Wood, and went to one Old Collegians Dinner in Adelaide years ago, but unfortunately there haven’t been any reunions in Vietnam or Solomon Islands where I’ve been for the last seven years. (Although about three months ago I did see an old Scotch rugby top being worn by a Solomon Islander, which must have come out of one of the barrels of second hand clothing that make their way here. It made me feel very nostalgic.)
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On September 14th, 2006 11:16 pm (UTC), bethamphetam1ne commented:
OMG! That's so what I want to be when I grow up!

It's so sweet to know that Scotch people are so generous in donating their old clothes to the less fortunate. Just the other day, I gave my maid a whole bunch of clothes to sell on eBay for me.

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On September 21st, 2006 11:23 am (UTC), speakmarauder replied:
I know, we are soooo good to neighbouring nations, I'm sure Scotch kids are welcome everywhere!
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