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Well to celebrate (nearly) the end of the term my mates and I all went to lunch at the Old Lion and sat in the courtyard even though it was a windy day and looking like rain.
Henry’s a bit of a scallywag and ordered a beer but the rest of us settled for soda lime and bitters. There was a whole table of Wilde girls (beasts LOL) out the front; some of them in trackpants no less… though they were still wearing ribbons on their ponytails so not the end of the world I suppose…
Anyway we all talked about what we’ll be up to over the school hols and Penny definitely won out this term – she’s off to Barbados with her mother and her mother’s tennis coach for some intensive training… her dad can’t make it as he is too busy at work apparently.
Mum said I could go and stay with Sophie at her parents’ farm in Strathalbyn for a few days which I might end up doing since her cousins will be there too and one of them is actually quite cute. I don’t know how much we’ll have in common since he boards at Immanuel but you never know I suppose. If I have my way we won’t be doing too much talking anyway. Hahaha. Sophie thinks I am incorrigible. She is probably right. But only the night guard saw Miles leaving through my window last week and after I gave him some ‘encouragement’ I don’t think he’ll be mentioning it…
Ta ta for now!!
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