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formal dress!!!

I so can't wait for this weekend! Mum is taking me shopping for my formal dress! Yes, I know I've left it a bit late but as it happens, I had my dress all picked out (a latte-coloured full-length beaded metallic sheath by Collette Dinnigan) but then I was flicking through the cleaner's copy of NW the other day and I saw that Jennifer Love Hewitt wore the same one to this year's Emmys!! GAH!!

So now I have to look for something else. Obviously, we're going to Sydney to find it - you won't find anything past Spring 2004 in Adelaide. And vintage is *so* last year.

I've got my eye on a Badgley Mischka beaded amethyst chantilly lace fishtail gown and if Mum lets me borrow her 19th century antique diamond necklace, it just might work. Of course, we'll be able to get decent shoes in Sydney as well unlike here.

Speaking of the jewellery though, I did overhear Mum on the phone discussing graduation presents with Emily-Grace's mum . . . maybe I won't need to borrow her necklace after all because I'll have one of my own! As long as she doesn't get it from Shiels though. Those Bensimon kids would recognise it and I'd be a laughing stock. Yes, I know it's very unlikely Mum would even look in Shiels but there has been some cost-cutting around my place of late (eg: this year's budget shoestring ski trip I posted about a while back).

So what is everyone else wearing?
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