ice ice baby (bethamphetam1ne) wrote in scotchcollege,
ice ice baby

back to school

How were everyone's holidays?

Mine were pretty boring, we stayed home except for a quick visit to the Gold Coast which *so* doesn't count as it was only a week and we only stayed in a four and a half star place. Tchah.

You know that really hot day we had? I had the sprinkler on the back lawn going full blast and was lying under it - it was so nice. I think it will be good for the lawn too because I had it on for ages! Well, Mum is always at me to try gardening. I would have swum in the pool but it had been cleaned and it hadn't been refilled yet. Something about getting a permit from the council - since when?? But Dad said he'd sort it out.

So I came inside, had a nice long shower and then I went into the kitchen afterwards and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl. I took a bite and then I didn't feel like eating it anymore so I was going to throw it in the bin. Well, Cynthia just freaked out and grabbed it from me and said she'd eat it if I didn't want it (she's not allowed to eat our food unless it's like, leftovers or whatever). I'm like "Whatever!" and she mentioned something about a banana shortage which is rubbish because there are always bananas in our fruit bowl and sometimes we don't even eat them and then they go brown and get thrown out. I swear, I don't understand her sometimes. I mean, I know she's only a maid and all, but scabbing a banana???
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