ice ice baby (bethamphetam1ne) wrote in scotchcollege,
ice ice baby

omg an update!!

Hey LJ! It's been such a long time! I've been totally busy with my gap year. It was so cool. Dad arranged for me to stay in this really nice place in London with a family he knows. The house was beautiful but the family seemed to think I was there as a built-in babysitter - as if! They were pretty annoyed when I would come and go as I liked and always wanted me to take their little twin boys with them. They must have liked me though because they gave me a nickname, "Oh Pear". I don't know why, because I'm not pear-shaped!! Haha. Maybe they just really liked pears.

Anyway, I met some really nice people in London; Muffy, Rupe, Raife, Poppy, Wills, Kate and Harry. They took me to all the best clubs, restaurants and things. And the shopping is fabulous! Luckily Dad set me up with my own black Amex before I went over. I just flashed it all over the place and it made things happen! Which is good because dealing with pounds and things totally goes over my head. I know it's like 2 pounds = 1 Australian dollar or something, so really, I am saving money.

At the moment, I'm in Nice on holiday with Muffy and her boyfriend Tarquin. They want to set me up with Tarquin's French cousin, Olivier but he is like soooo old! At least 27! So I don't know if I'm really up for that. We thought we would backpack for a laugh, but I didn't have one so I brought my Louis Vuitton overnight bag instead. We're roughing it at the L'Hotel Massena (only 3 stars) and the rest of our luggage should arrive tomorrow. We slummed it upright on the Eurostar to see how the other half do it . . . NEVER AGAIN! Anyone can sit in your compartment with you. As if.

Anyway, this community has been really quiet so I think it's time to revive it so we can keep track of how us Scotchies get on through life now that we've graduated. Well, SOME OF US did!! *smirk*

Au revoir!
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