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You're Not My Real Dad . . .

It’s been ever so long since this community was updated which is such a shame. But I’ve been a bit disconnected lately because my notebook, my laptop, my second and third phones AND my PC were all stolen from my apartment in Parkside and Dad insisted I wait for the insurance claim to come through. Like he couldn’t have just bought me replacement stuff straight away, but he has been a bit distracted since I’ve returned to Adelaide. He keeps muttering things about the global financial crisis. Seriously? I mean, I know things were a little rocky there for a while and we had to sell the apartment block in Marina Quay but honestly, it’s not like we’ve been that affected. They were even talking about letting Cynthia go at one stage, honestly! Who would do all the cleaning?

Anyway, meanwhile, I’ve FINALLY got my pink Blackberry Pearl set up to auto-sync so I can update from my phone. Well, I didn’t, it was the man at the shop after several irate minutes at the customer service desk. Seriously, so what if I didn’t buy it from there, they know what to do, right? And they were the closest! It’s so hard to get good customer service here, not like Europe where everyone just loves you.

I guess the reason I’ve been neglecting LJ is that it’s all about Facebook and Twitter now. Seriously, being able to update everyone on what you’re doing and where you are is just fantastic. And people show how much they care by clicking “Like” or even making a comment. I have like over 500 friends on Facebook. And, you know, some of them are from public schools so I’m really getting out there these days. Mum and Dad are slightly concerned about me running with a “wild” crowd but they don’t have to worry. Sometimes I tease them by saying “I’m off to Harbour Town!” or “I’m not hungry, I ate in the food court”. So funny. Oh, and I have loads of photos on Facebook too. Tiffany tagged a frightful one of me the other day, pretending to hold a Harris Scarfe shopping bag that Cynthia had brought home. So embarrassing!

What else can I tell you. Oh my god, such a scandal. I met Nicholas Telford-Bonython in town the other day. I was in David Jones looking for a cheap pair of yoga pants for lounging around the apartment. He has changed SO MUCH. He wears all black and he’s dyed his hair black to match. He even had a nose ring! I nearly didn't recognise him without his pink Lacoste polo shirt and popped collar. So we chatted for a while and he told me he was about to meet his dad for lunch and would I like to come along to watch the excitement? Well, I didn’t know what he meant by that so I said, sure. They were going to Auge and I’ve been dying to try their spatchcock with sugar snap rocket tortellini. His dad was there when he got there and when we got to the table he kind of rolled his eyes and said something about Nicholas still not growing out of his phase and was it really appropriate dress for lunch at Auge? Anyway, I had squid ink pasta for entrée, which was delicious, and then when we moved on to main course, I excused myself to go and re-apply my limited edition Kiehl’s lip gloss for a moment. When I got back, Nicholas was shouting at his dad because he’d ordered the roasted pigeon filled with duck farce, caramelised witlof tart, apple balsamic and foie gras. I didn’t see the issue because seriously, pigeons are gross, but apparently it was the foie gras that was the problem. His dad told him he was making a scene and to calm down. Nicholas said “I’m not going to calm down and you’re not my real dad!” and walked out!!

Well, it was slightly awkward after that but I managed to enjoy my spatchcock and vanilla bean gelato with toffee brioche and balsamic strawberries for sweets. Then Mr Telford-Bonython gave me a lift home in his new DB-9, telling me he hoped that I could stay friends with Nicholas and hopefully influence him as he goes through this difficult stage. I said I would be happy too. I mean, I know all about doing it hard. There was this one time earlier in the year where my black Amex got refused because Dad's accountant hadn't paid the bill and I thought I was going to DIE.

That’s all the news I have for now. Hope to hear from you all soon!!

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